FitTrip’ing your way to fitness


Winter is finally setting in. And with a dip in the temperature comes lethargy. However, there’s a new winter trend that’s sure to help you burn close to 1200 calories as also add the fun to your workout – Cycling. Not just any other bike, we are talking about riding the Fat bike.

The fat bike with its sturdy frame and the tires, not forgetting the fun it brings along, is the quintessential training tool when you’re looking for a supplement to your gym schedule. Don’t believe us? Here’s how:

  1. Muscle training: We all crib about ‘legs’ day at the gym. So rather than ditch the gym and skip your training, why not use the fat bike as an alternative? The flat pedal and the the thickness of the tires ensure that all focus remains on the lower half of your body. Thereby, helping you tone those legs rather than letting the lethargy of getting to the gym leave you with chicken ones. Cycling helps you develop your quadriceps and hamstrings in the upper leg and the gastrocnemius and soleus in the calf. These muscles contract in a format that creates the pedalling action.
  2. Core training: If there’s one thing you may have heard your trainer yell down your throat almost everyday, it would probably be to focus on your core strength building. What the bike manages to achieve is immense focus on your core while you pedal through terrain of all type. Abdominal muscles form a critical part of your core muscle unit and while cycling does not essentially use these muscles as a prime mover, it does require your abs to remain stable as you pedal, allowing you to use your upper body as you steer
  3. Arms: Lifting a dumbbell is not the only answer to your question on carving those arms. Riding a fat bike requires one to manoeuvre through terrain using majorly the handle bars. Shifting all of the riders upper body weight onto the arms, thereby flexing the arm muscles in the same way that lifting a bar bell would do
  4. Back: An uphill climb requires you to lift yourself up from the seat so you can put in more effort into pedalling uphill. On the extreme contrary, a downhill descent would require you to crouch enabling faster movement and stability. While all this happens, your back muscles are under constant pressure to achieve the most suitable riding stance.
  5. Butt: Gym training does not completely focus on the butt. But who doesn’t like a little lift and a toned rear? Cycling is a phenomenal activity to tone your gluteus maximus muscle. Your butt muscles are responsible for the initiation of the downward phase of cycling and are therefore worked upon while you pedal.

Cycling is the perfect workout in the open for someone who seeks a little bit of adventure in their routine. Cycling as an activity is more than just the muscle training, what it successfully does is also makes the rider mentally stronger. Being one with nature helps the rider manage stress better and seek an escape from the mundane.

With all of this in sight, it is close to impossible to neglect what a Fat Bike could do for you. So pick that bike and pedal away to a fitter, stronger you!


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