New Year’s Resolution #FatCycle

Three weeks into the New Year and it’s time to set the resolution in stone. 21.4%  of people across the world set – losing weight or healthy eating as their New Year’s resolution in 2017. Ironically, the highest set resolution is also the most broken.

Increasingly the number of people taking to mountain biking has seen a growth. Bikers have shown inclination towards the activity as a health focussed drive more than just a hobby. Fat biking provides the perfect balance of leisure and physical activity. However, unlike most other resolutions fat biking is certain to keep you on your toes and balanced to the point of achieving them all.

So, what should make it to a fat biker’s resolution list?

  1. Get fit: If you are looking for the best mechanism to tone up, opt for fat biking. The natural frame of the bike is created to help a biker develop muscle in the legs and requires him/her to invest the energy needed to step into shape. Unlike the gym however, this is a workout in the open and much more fun.
  2. Improve your power: What matters in fat biking is strength and agility. Instead of pushing harder, fat biking requires the rider to devote time to strength building. Focus your efforts around exercising in intervals and incorporate plenty of simpler trail rides before stepping on the pedal for the more intense rides.
  3. Don’t let bad weather get to you: The fat bike was created to brave all kinds of weather – come rain or shine. Bad weather should infact act like your reason to step out and feel extremely proud of the bike you own.
  4. Commute to work: In cities so congested, one can only hope to get to work faster, despite the traffic. Why worry about public transport or being stuck in traffic when you can fashionably reach work on your new ride on your fat bike
  5. Join a cycling club: Share your learning, experiences, findings and observations with other cyclists like you. Knowledge sharing is always the right way to learn from others. In cycling, one cannot improve their skill without having received intellectual contributions from others like you.

What matters ultimately is not the number of resolutions you make, but the number of resolutions you keep. So go on, stick to that list and go #FatCycling.


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